tartan silk

Aficionados of tartan – or those who are just fascinated by the subject, will be thrilled to know that tartan is available in silk – not just in wool, as is sometimes thought. The tartan used in our bridal work is hand-woven dupion and is truly superb. Many brides opt to have a “touch of tartan” incorporated into their wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses, or even just in the table wear.

Even if your name is not on the list of readily available tartans, we can have your tartan woven especially for you. Many families do opt to have this done to commemorate a special occasion in their lives, such as an anniversary or special birthday. Some of the names we have done this for are : MacPirie, Arbuthnott, McKay, and Ancient Cameron.

So Ladies, if there are a few of you in the family, why not get together and order a roll which will be woven especially and exclusively for you? Some of the items we hand-make in these tartan silks are: sashes, bow ties, ties, scarves, cummerbunds, evening bags, shoes, and belts.

Do get in touch if you would like further information.

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